We love a good party at Yakuza! Please keep us in mind for your upcoming Holiday Parties, whether they be a business affair or a friends soiree, Yakuza will be a experience you won’t soon forget!  Our Salads, Plates and Rolls menu system is perfect for putting together a fabulous, festive and crowd-pleasing dinner party for groups of any size. You take care of the guest list, we take care of everything else. For groups of 10-20 people the Yakuza Dinner Party Menu features our most popular Yakuza dishes and includes all items on the below menu served family style in our private back dining room. Price can vary $30-$60 per person, the menu is created to fit all your needs. Drinks are not included. You can choose to open a separate bar tab, or have your guests cover their drinks individually. For special menu requests and groups larger than 20 please contact our general manager: We look forward to celebrating with you!


Parties of 10-20 ppl
Drinks and Gratuity not included