Honey CubeAngels Envy, Cocchi Torrino, Bitters, Honey Cube12
BeetBeet Infused Tequila, Lime, Salt, Simple Syrup10
Really SpicyThai Chili Infused Monopolowa, Cilantro, Lime, Simple Syrup10
Whiskey #2Bulliet Bourbon, Muddled Ginger, Cock & Bull Ginger Beer9
Hard CiderApplejack, Orange, Honey, Demi-Sec Cidre8
Nihon PalomaEl Jimador, Chartreuse, Grapefruit, Habanero Marmalade10
SakeGls Btl
Warm GekkikanWhat the Locals Drink After a Hard Day8
Eiko FujiExtra Dry, Crisp, and Robust836
Momokowa RubyLocally Made and Locally Enjoyed836
Sugidama, Junmai GinjoLush Earthiness with Rich Melon Flavors940
Seikyo “Mirror of Truth”Clean and Soft with Plenty of Flavor940
Kasumi “The Crane”Extra Dry with a Crisp Finish940
Taiheikai Tokubetsu JunmaiFruit Forwardand Very Approachable, Subtle Pear940
Rihaku “Wandering Poet”Full, Crisp, Flavorful940
Yuho JunmaiBright and Lively with a Clean Sweetness1044
Mantensei “Star Filled Sky”Soft and Earthy, Hints of Melon and Citrus1044
Watari Bune 55Rich and Bold with a Slightly Tropical Flavor1148
Yuki No BoshaHint of Strawberry and White Pepper Finish1148
Shimizu “Pure Night”Ultimate Test of Toji (Brewmaster) Skill90
Nigori SakeGls Btl
Gekkeikan Nigori (300ml Btl)Roughly Filtered with Fruity Accents12
Sayuri Nigori (300ml Btl)Rich and Smooth, with Notes of Vanilla12
Murai Family NigoriCreamy and Bold, with a Tart Finish836
Momokawa Organic NigoriRich and Creamy with Hints of Coconut940
Sparkling WineGls Btl
NV Loredan Gasparini, Prosecco727
White WineGls Btl
2012 Fausse Piste, Viognier, OR940
2012 Seven of Hearts, Sauvignon Blanc, OR836
2011 Vinhos Norte, Vinho Verde, PT625
2013 Chateau Barbanau, L'Instant Rose, FR729
Red WineGls Btl
2013 Seven of Hearts, Mourvedre, OR940
2011 Anne Amie, Pinot Noir, OR1144
2010 Fausse Piste, Garde Manger, Syrah, OR940
2012 Pazos de Eguren, Tempranillo727
Asahi (22oz Btl)6
Asahi Black6
Ginga Kogen6
Black Soba Ale (22oz Btl)6
Caldera Amber5
Amnesia Desolation IPA5